Our Secret to Mess-Free and Stress-Free Roofing Services

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With spring arriving and summer just around the corner, you may be debating about which exterior home projects and repairs to complete. One potential project involves roof replacement or roof repair services for your home.

If you’ve ever put off roof repair or replacement work due to the mess, you won’t have to worry about this issue any longer. Here at Overmyer Roofing , we guarantee to provide every customer a mess-free worksite during the roofing project by using the latest Equiptor equipment that allows us to tackle any size project mess.

Equiptor: Preventing Damage and Roofing Mess in Yards

The Equiptor is a self-driven roofing trailer that comes in a compact size. It can be attached as a trailer to the back of our vehicles to the job site and then is driven using the controls on the front to the section of the yard where the roof will be repaired. This machine contains a hydraulic tailgate which can be used to lift materials and tools up to our workers on roofs. The main space of the trailer opens with a set of double doors along the top, almost like the longer flaps of a cardboard box.

Once the tools and new materials are removed, the trailer will stay in this lifted position. Our team will begin removing the shingles and other debris from your roof, depositing them directly into the Equiptor machine. The machine has a 4,000 lb. capacity container. Once it is full of debris, the lift can be lowered and the Equiptor is driven to a waiting dumpster or dump truck. The hydraulic tailgate allows the container to lift and tilt back, sliding the materials out the trailer.

Benefits of the Equiptor Machine

A roofing company that wants to provide a mess-free roofing service will take complete advantage of having an Equiptor. The machine offers a wide range of benefits to every roofing project.

  • The Equiptor is compact and maneuverable enough to fit into the tightest of spaces.
  • Its small wheels won’t cause damage to manicured lawns or sidewalks even when carrying a heavy load of debris.
  • The machine can fit around bushes and flower beds without causing damage.
  • Due to the hydraulic lift, the trailer can be moved up to the roofline, so debris and shingles can be slid inside instead of dropped to the ground from a greater height.
  • The Equiptor provides a cleaner job site and fewer headaches for homeowners.

In addition to keeping your yard mess-free, equipment like the Equiptor also provides for faster construction completion times. With all the debris going into the open container instead of off the roof and into the yard, the workers will not have to spend extra time picking up the shingle materials from your bushes, flower beds, and lawn. They also won’t have to stop periodically to carry pulled-off shingles and other unwanted materials to the dumpster manually.

Plus, the Equiptor can hold numerous times what our team could at a time. This means we don’t have to make frequent trips to the dumpster or dump truck. We can focus more on providing the highest quality roof replacement or roof repair work as possible and will spend less time at your home cleaning up the property.

Hire Overmyer Roofing for Your Next Project

If you are looking for mess-free and stress-free roofing services, contact Overmyer Roofing . We use the Equiptor machine for every roofing project to bring you greater peace of mind that your yard will be safe and tidy for the entire roofing project. Contact us today for more details.

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