Why Your Roof Leaks When It Rains

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Your roof leaking is a dreaded occurrence. Don’t worry, as you’re not alone. Many homeowners experience leaks at some point. There are some common causes for this issue, and leaks often take place when it’s raining outside. Here are some possible explanations for why your roof leaks when it rains:

Poor Installation

A leaky roof can be the result of poor installation. When a roof is installed, it’s important that the flashing around edges and openings is installed properly to prevent water from making its way inside and causing damage. The underlayment should be properly adhered to your roof structure prior to the shingles being laid down. During installation, the roofer should also check the attic for any gaps and cracks that could be causing water to come in.

Damaged Shingles

Over time, shingles can become worn and weathered from sun exposure or heavy storms. If the shingles are old and brittle, they may become loose, allowing water to seep in when it rains. If you notice any missing, cracked, or worn-out shingles on your roof, it’s ideal to call in a professional as soon as possible to have the problem repaired.

Clogged Gutters

Gutters play an important role in keeping your roof safe from rain and snow. If your gutters become clogged with debris, the water can’t flow freely away from the roof, leading to leaks inside the attic. Keep your gutters clean and clear of leaves, twigs, and other debris.

Popped Nails

Nails can pop up over time, especially after a strong storm or high winds. If you notice any nails sticking out from the roof, it’s important to have them pounded back in or replaced with new ones. Loose nails can create small spaces that allow water to leak inside.

Improperly Sloped Roofs

Water can accumulate and pool on roofs that have an improper slope. If the roof surface isn’t properly sealed or graded, it can lead to leaks in the attic. If you have a low-slope roof, ensure all valleys are sealed and the roof is graded correctly to ensure water flows away from the house.

No matter the cause, having a roof leak is never fun. If you’re struggling to find the source of your leak, it’s best to call in a professional roofer like Overmyer Roofing . We can take a look and make sure the problem is fixed properly. We can also help you with roofing maintenance and installation in Stroudsburg. Contact Overmyer Roofing today for more information.

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