Does Roof Raking Cause Damage?

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Big winter storms can drop a lot of snow on our roofs. As the snow piles up, you might be concerned about its weight. If you’re considering raking your roof on your own, you should be aware of the potential risks.

A Risk of Harming Your Roof

Roof rakes are long metal tools that can be used to clear snow from a roof. The idea certainly makes sense, but the actual implementation of the idea doesn’t always work out. When you scrape a rake across your roofing material, you could take off more than just snow. You could accidentally lift up tiles, shingles, or flashing, and you could even bring down a gutter while you’re at it. All of these items are vital components, so if any of them are removed, the roof will be compromised. Water could then get into your home, and this could lead to other significant issues that could be costly.

Even if you don’t scrape off roofing materials while raking your roof, you could still damage them. You might cause them to bend or crack, and this may be more likely since cold weather causes some materials to become brittle. Any type of damage could lead to a water leak.

If you do remove snow using a roof rake, you might inadvertently be causing more problems with ice. That’s because snow acts as an insulator. When you’ve taken away that insulator, ice may form more easily on your roof. The resulting ice dams could cause problems with gutters and the roof itself. The best strategy may be to leave the work to a professional.

Offering Roofing Services

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