How Much Will It Cost To Replace My Roof?

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Getting roof replacement services ensures that your home will be protected for many years. Sometimes when searching for a roofing company, you’ll ask your neighbors, coworkers, or family members for the name of their favorite companies and the costs they had to pay. Once calling the companies, you may discover that their quotes are way different from the prices that friends and family paid for their replacement roofs.

Why Roof Replacement Prices Vary?

There are numerous factors that go into determining the price of roof replacement. While it’s true that contractors will change their quotes to beat out their competitors, your home’s features will be the deciding factor on how the roofer calculated their costs. Here are several features that will cause the roof replacement cost to vary.

Square Footage

The size of your roof will, of course, change the price of the roof estimate. Your 2,000 square foot roof will require more labor and materials than a roof of only 800 square feet. Yet another aspect that is important is the pitch of the roof based on the architectural style.

While you have a 2,000 square foot home, you may have a ranch-style house with a very gentle slope. The low slope on homes can actually cut prices as there are less materials involved. However, if you have a Victorian-style house with the same square footage that has a very steep roof slope, then the material costs will rise with more materials involved in the replacement services.

Product Type and Quality

Roofing products and their quality will also determine the replacement costs. Some products require a certain procedure, materials, or method for attachment to your roof. Depending on this method, additional workers may be involved, which could raise the labor costs. One example of a material that requires additional methods is modified bitumen.

Modified bitumen is similar to asphalt. However, the materials are attached using a torch-down method. The bitumen must be melted down over a fiberglass mesh using a blow torch. Due to the complexity of these projects over regular nailed asphalt shingles, your roofing costs could be higher.

Design Elements

Your roof may have many design elements and architectural features. You could have dormers, gables, multiple roof faces, and attached roofs for additions or garages. There may also be chimneys, various venting systems, skylights, or even a rooftop AC system.

These design elements often complicate the job and increase material costs. Workers have to reposition themselves to reach certain elements that are hard to get to and must perform numerous cuts to the materials to fit them into place. In addition, they will also have to install additional flashing at every area where a side of the design element, such as along chimneys and around skylights, meets the roof to ensure weatherproofing.


Many roofing companies will offer additional labor warranties when installing a new roof. The warranty should go into detail regarding the term length, covered work, and workmanship. You’ll find these warranties included in the overall roofing cost. Contractor warranties are in addition to manufacturer warranties that will cover their roofing products.

Here at Overmyer Roofing , we offer a 25-year warranty for our new roof installations. This warranty gives peace of mind to homeowners that their new roof will provide a safe and comfortable home.

Overmyer Roofing Instant Estimate

If you are trying to figure out how much a new roof will cost in the Pocono area, we offer a roofing calculator. Simply select the options that best match the elements of the roof. Then our calculator will give you the closest cost estimate for roof replacement projects.

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