4 Tips on How to Check Your Roof for Hail Damage

rain coming off of a roof

Hailstorms can cause plenty of damage to your roof, leaving you to pay for costly repairs or even a complete roof replacement. It’s important to stay proactive by checking your roof for any signs of hail damage before it’s too late. If you do find damage, a roofing contractor can perform a more detailed assessment to determine if you need repairs or a full replacement.

Here are some tips on checking your roof for hail damage.

1. Focus on Safety

Staying safe should always be a top priority when inspecting your roof. Make sure the ground is dry and stable before using a ladder, and wear rubber-soled shoes to maximize traction. It’s important to reach out to a professional if you don’t feel comfortable accessing your roof.

2. Look for Visible Damage

A hailstorm can often cause shingles to crack or become dented. It’s a good idea to pay attention to specific areas that are more likely to be damaged, such as the corners of your roof, downspouts, and gutters.

3. Check for Dents

A strong hailstorm can cause many dents in a short amount of time. An easy way to check for dents in your roof is to run your hand over the shingles or tiles to feel for any inconsistencies. If you notice any dents, consider reaching out to a professional roofer for a closer inspection.

4. Inspect for Cracks or Granule Loss

Cracks can also appear due to a hailstorm. These cracks weaken the structure of your roof and may get worse over time. You might also notice exposed black asphalt on your roof, which is a sign of granule loss and should be evaluated by a professional.

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